About Us

Warm. Fashionable. Inspiring.

Since the dawn of time hats have denoted social status, nationality, religious affiliation or just great taste. They keep us safe and warm. They command respect, breed confidence and create envy amongst friend and stranger alike.

At Awful Hats it is our mission to provide you with the stylish hats you require to crush your daily challenges. Whether you're staying warm or simply strutting your stuff, Awful Hats is here to provide you with truly wonderful hats at great prices because you deserve it.

We really mean it. If you'd like to share your thoughts about the store, you have concerns, complaints or even just a question or two, please contact me directly at m.griffith@awfulhats.com. You can certainly use our Contact Us page as well. Cheers! Have a great day.

Michael J. Griffith
Awful Hats